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black and white music

About HMC

About HMC

black and white music



I have worked at St Luke’s Primary Special School in Scunthorpe for over 31 years, working with all age groups and levels of additional need.

I am also a keen musician and am privileged to own a 42 track recording studio running Pro Tools.


After many years of running music sessions and being aware that there was a need for a good quality music resource, I decided to take the plunge and Holistic Music for Children was born.


I was keen to provide a music resource for the non-musician to use, that was easy and fun to use, of good quality and beneficial to the learning of children.


It also had to inspire the adults to use it enthusiastically and be able to be adapted to the child or group of children, using an holistic approach.


I have used many music styles in the recordings, from blues and dance to reggae, believing that children should be allowed to experience all music types, not just twee child like music.


Modern music equipment allows access to many incredible sounds, creating strong rhythms and very cool melodies, encouraging the enjoyment of all listeners.


I would like people to use the material using a tool box approach, believing again that all children are individuals and respond to different stimuli.


For example: I have used my own material in conjunction with RNIB material to make a very enjoyable music session.


Have a good look round the web site and always feel free to contact if you have any further questions.


I would also like to invite all to post comments on my Face book page.

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