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Music Workshops.


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We are now able to offer music workshops and sessions to schools and organisations in the UK.


(Due to work commitments we are only able

to offer sessions to establishments within

150 mile radius of DN41)


These music workshops will be taylored to your needs, exploring HMC material and ways of enhancing and making you more confident with your own music sessions.


For example:


A.  A training session in the morning, exploring HMC material, with two music sessions in the afternoon,




B. Two music sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.


The music sessions would be pre-planned from conversations by phone or E Mail, prior to the day, to meet your exact requirements. We will provide whatever session you require using HMC material, with the school or establishment providing the children and staff.



Along with a full day booking, we will provide free of charge, a complete set of HMC material.


Please contact us to express your interest and for prices.

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