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HMC Reviews

HMC Reviews


"I have found this highly effective for pupils with severe ASD"

My first impression of the Holistic Music Pack was that it was clearly very well thought out and executed.

The presentation was excellent, clear and concise and infinitely user friendly.

It has the flexibility of application for both early years and pupils with severe and multiple learning difficulty for the following reasons;

- It offers repetition and familiarity which is needed by the pupils and also enables staff to observe progression.

- Well-produced quality sound that is not over produced and cluttered.

- Provides a refreshing variety of contrasting and exciting sounds.

- Gives access to musical experiences in establishments lacking in musical expertise.

- Gives a sound foundation for ‘non musicians' to have the confidence to go further. (Results speak)

- Offers the vehicle for interaction and communication in a fun, non threatening, predictable way.

(I have found this highly effective for pupils with severe ASD)

As a teacher of Special Needs pupils for over 32 years I have examined many publications designed to cater for thisclient group but have often found them dated and lacking.

I am happy to endorse this publication as it clearly addresses a gap in the field. It is produced based on knowledge, musical ability and also many years hands on practical experience.

Please read some of our reviews below to hear about real people who have used our packs. Alternatively if you have a review to submit we would love to hear it. Please click on the link to send us an email with any feedback you have. Thanks.

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Fraser Thompson. (Retired 2011) Music co-ordinator. St Luke's Primary Special School

"It's wonderful to see children laugh and learn"

'A breath of fresh air,'

'The CD's enable children to engage in a range of activities,'

'We  love them all,'

Sue Burton. Teacher , Foundation Stage,St Luke's Primary Special School. 

"I am continually thankful to have found you."

Hello Len

Just wanted to let you know officially how wonderful these CD's have proved to be.

The body awareness one in particular has proved to be easy to access, to the range of children I teach and also effective in the learning process.I have been using your cd's with a new (to me) group of children and have to say I am extremely happy with the results. My new group of children all have severe learning difficulties with Speech Language and Communication Needs and they are thoroughly engaged with the music and songs and activities.

Well done.

Thank you, they are just what I was looking for, can't wait for your next products.

Chris Cooper, Deputy Head, St Lukes Primary Special School, Scunthorpe

"Keep up the work you clever people!"

The packages are presented nicely and the laminated sheets a great idea. There's something for all levels of delivery- prescriptive for those practioners who are less confident and a new vehicle for those who have been around a little longer. I have been looking for something a bit different to support my music and movement sessions and these resources fit the bill well- thank you.

Sharon Kettleborough, Curriculum Leader EYFS-KS3, The Dales School, Northallerton.

"Can't wait for future merchandise."

They are aimed at children but adults will enjoy them very much too, with catchy music and easy to follow planning sheets.

Personally I have enjoyed watching the excitement and anticipation of the children throughout each session, with each session bringing something new for children of all abilities.We have great fun.Keep up the great work you do.

Can't wait for future merchandise.

Sue Bell, Carer.

"Sensory Journey 'Spring'"

Hello Len

Just wanted to let you know how we had been getting on with the new sensory journey 'Spring'

Once again you have provided an excellent resource! As the teacher of a class of pupils with complex communication and interaction difficulties, this dvd appeals to all the ways we learn about the world around us and how we engage in any learning activity.

With clear and real visual stimuli and wonderful suggestions for practical props to go along (the daffodils were a little difficult to get hold of until recently), and the lovely rain section, we always enjoy anticipating getting wet!!

Its been a real bonus cant wait to see what you can come up with next and roll on summer..

thanks again

Chris Cooper, Deputy Head, St Luke's School Primary Special School, Scunthorpe

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"Excellent pieces of work"

'Moving Sounds, Body Awareness and The Discovery Box are excellent pieces of work, deserving to be better known, not just in special schools, but in mainstream nurseries and infant schools.



Moving Sounds and Body Awareness both have very strong teaching principles, such as, limiting language, repeating key phrases, leaving spaces for teachers to work physically with children and to wait for children's responses.  The music is both powerful and rhythmic and has a very good level of repetition'.

Peter Imray. Special Educational Needs Consultancy and Training.